Thursday, 29 July 2010

Foreigners' Favorite Performance is NANTA

The results of a new survey have been released by the Seoul metropolitan government showing the preferences of foreigners living in the city.

The survey conducted in April on 500 foreigners shows the most preferred cultural performance is the cooking display NANTA, the top tourist site is Seoul Tower on Mount Nam, and the highest-rated food is galbi.

Germany Ends U-20 Women's WC Run, 5-1

The exciting run of the under-20 women's soccer team has ended with a resounding 5-1 loss to second-ranked Germany in the semifinals of the FIFA Under-20 Women's World Cup.

Favorite hiking boots TrekSta

Fall in Korea is the season of mountains ablaze in splendid colors and thousands of mountain climbers flock to see the colorful foliage. Their favorite hiking boots are TrekSta, also preferred by professional mountaineers. This is a story of a small shoe manufacturing company that came to climb to the top of the outdoors shoes market.

Amazing plastic container called L&L

It’s every housewife’s dream to have odor-free, airtight plastic containers for the kitchen. That dream has come true with the new, amazing plastic container called L&L made by a Korean company, Hanacobi. Now you can store just about anything in L&L containers without worrying about the contents falling out or the smell escaping.

Home automation and security network system, Commax

Have you imagined a home where you don't have to leave the sofa to turn on the lights or turn off the stove? Well, that home may already be in your neighborhood. Come meet Commax, Korea's leading manufacturer of home automation and security network system. Their vision of the future home has already become a reality.

SilverStar Corporation

When people think of fabric, they usually think of clothing. But here’s a Korean company that ventures out into the underdeveloped world of non-clothing fabric. Using microfiber, SilverStar Corporation is making cutting-edge fabric with greater absorption and functionality for all areas of the house.

Chongga Kimchi

Ask anyone to name a representative dish of Korea and the answer would probably be kimchi. This famous Korean food has been made traditionally by Korean housewives, but here's a company that attempted to mass-produce this highly traditional food. Let's take a look at this pioneering enterprise, aiming to please the finicky Korean housewives.

Healthcare company, HUBDIC

When your child has a fever, what do you do? It is now a thing of the past to use a thermometer that you stick under the armpit. The infrared ear and forehead thermometers are in and here's a small Korean company trying to be a giant in the home healthcare devices market. Let's listen to their story about how a company that began just 3 years ago was able to establish itself in the highly competitive healthcare goods industry.

Motorcycle helmets, HJC

Wearing a helmet can mean a difference between life and death when you get into a motorcycle accident. Here's a Korean manufacturer of motorcycle helmets, renowned for its tough safety standards, innovative functions and sharp designs. If you are a biker, you may already own an HJC helmet or know someone who does. Let's hear the inspiring story of HJC, the indisputable leader of the motor bike helmet industry.

Woojin Plastic, a manufacturer of plastic buckles in outdoor gears

Have you looked carefully at the plastic buckles on your backpack or tents? Well, those tiny, but vital components are manufactured by a small Korean company by the name of Woojin Plastics. Supplying to the world's leading outdoor gear companies like Nike and North Face, Woojin Plastics is number one in the plastic buckle industry. Let's look into the story of how this small giant was able to dominate the plastic buckle industry.

Hankook Chinaware, Korea’s leading ceramic tableware manufacturer

Korean ancestors were renowned craftsmen of ceramic ware and Hankook Chinaware has inherited the spirit of craftsmanship and artistry of the past. This 64-year-old ceramic tableware manufacturer has become the favorite of many Korean housewives and foreign buyers. Let's take a look at how Hankook Chinaware was able to dominate the tables of Korea and abroad.

Gin Gliders, a paragliding gear manufacturer

Have you ever seen paragliders riding gracefully on the wings of the wind? A Korean company by the name of Gin Gliders is the industry leader in making the best paragliding gears. Marked by excellent safety and eye-catching design, Gin Gliders have become the favorite of world class paragliding pilots. Let's listen to the exciting story of Gin Gliders.

Covis Optics Optics, an optical lens manufacturing company

The season of sunglasses is fast approaching, but for those wearing glasses summer may not be such a welcome season, because it's bothersome to take off the regular glasses to put on the prescription sunglasses. Covis Optics of Korea has developed its own brand of photochromic lens that changes color under sunlight. Let's find out about this lens manufacturer in this week's Made in Korea.

Ellim Corporation, a snowboard manufacturer

Winter is the season for snowboarding. Although the sport of snowboarding is not as widespread in Korea as in some other countries, the snowboarding rank in Korea is growing quite rapidly. Ellim Corporation is a vanguard in the snowboarding boom, manufacturing snowboarding boots and bindings before anyone else in Korea. It's Ellim's hope to see its boots on the feet of snowboarders all around the world.

CJ Feed, a global leader in the animal feed business

Food safety has become a buzz word in the 21st century and at the vanguard of the movement to ensure safe foodstuff stands CJ Feed, a 40-year-old feed manufacturing company in Korea. Armed with the cutting-edge production technology and R&D facilities, as well as a number of overseas manufacturing plants, CJ Feed is your first barrier against unsafe meat products.

Hanssem, a kitchen interior design company

If you are a housewife, you must have at least once dreamed of having a sparkling, brand new kitchen with matching appliances and furniture. Hanssem is the company Korean housewives turn to when they need to remodel their kitchens. Having expanded into other parts of the house other than kitchen, Hanssem now provides package-designed interior service for all the rooms in your house.

Cuckoo Home Sys, a manufacturer of electric rice cooker, an indispensable cooking appliance in every Korean home

There is a kitchen appliance that Korean housewives cannot do without, and that is a rice cooker. Cuckoo Home Sys is undoubtedly a leader in the Korean rice cooker industry, with the development of pressure rice cooker. Now you will see households all over the world making perfect bowls of rice and other dishes with the revolutionary Cuckoo pressure cooker.

LG Whisen, an air conditioner manufacturer

Nowadays air conditioner is no longer simply an appliance that cools the air. LG Whisen air conditioner now only cools the room, but also purifies air and serves as part of interior decoration. The new concept air conditioner has taken the top spot in sales for the last 5 years in a row. Let's see how LG was able to make this extraordinary achievement.

PJ Jewelry

Everyone, especially women, loves jewelry. It's a part of every joyful event in our lives, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Today we will introduce a small Korean jewelry exporter that is captivating the world with its special designs and on-target localization strategy. Enter the world of sparkling gemstones and luxurious precious metals at the invitation of PJ Jewelry of Korea.

Chungpung, an air purifier manufacturer

Today's consumers are very sensitive about the environment they live in. Koreans are particularly concerned about air pollution during the spring season because of the yellow dust storm blowing in from China. Here is a Korean company that dispels people's concern about clean air and the company is none other than Chungpung, the maker of air purifiers. Let's listen to the refreshing tale of how Chungpung succeeded in creating innovative air purifiers.

Shinhan Diamond, a diamond tool manufacturing company

Probably glittering wedding rings and sparkling necklaces. Not many people are aware that diamonds, the hardest rock on earth, are used in construction tools to cut away at boulders or steel-reinforced concrete. Shinhan Diamond is a manufacturer of high-quality diamond tools, which succeeded in developing an innovative tool-making method. Let's take a look at this shining example of perseverence and technological expertise.

SD, a diagnostic reagent manufacturer in Korea

Mankind has recently been threatened by a host of diseases deadlier than those in the past, such as AIDS and SARS. There is a company that manufactures testing kits that can detect these fatal diseases accurately with a drop of button. The developer of revolutionary diagnostic devices is SD, short for Standard Diagnostic, a small but innovative company in Korea. Here's a story about this small giant in the medical diagnosis industry.

Woongjin Foods Co

Not only are they refreshing and tasty, they are also great for your health as they are made with traditionally health-boosting ingredients in Korea, like jujube, rice and green plums. Look into how Woongjin Foods Co. was able to create a line of these innovative, yet age-old drinks and introduce it to the world.

Enter Tech, a karaoke microphone manufacturer

Just about everyone who loves to sing is familiar with the karaoke or sing-along machine. Now there is a compact, portable sing-along device that can be carried anywhere and plugged into a TV to turn your room into a karaoke bar. Manufactured by a Korean company called Enter Tech, the portable sing-along microphone is the product of years of hard work and innovative technology.

Aurora World, a Korean toy manufacturer

When you think back to your childhood, what was your favorite toy? Many of you would answer, a stuffed bear or a stuffed doll. There is a Korean company that makes stuffed toys for children all over the world. Aptly named Aurora World, this company provides a colorful array of wonderful toys for the children in all of us.

Jason International, a sporting goods manufacturer

Having started as a skateboarding shoes manufacturer, Jason International Inc. is now a successful golf equipment company, producing golf shoes and golf wear, as well as running the biggest golf practice range in the world. Armed with unique design and differentiated function, Jason International's golf shoes play an instrumental part in your way to recording a hole in one.

Korea OA, an office furniture manufacturer

Korea OA, an office furniture manufacturer, has developed an array of convenient furniture to increase efficiency and comfort. Lay back in your comfy chair to learn about this ambitious Korean furniture company.

A toy manufacturer called Sonokong

It's no longer unusual to see a cartoon show with its own line of character merchandises, computer games and offline magazines. Here is a Korean company that employed a strategy that introduces a wide array of products associated with a doll. Having started as a toy manufacturer that made transformer toys, Sonokong now produces toys and related merchandises based on Korean traditional games and characters. Let's take a look at what kind of fun toys, games and merchandises Sonokong have for children and adults alike.

MKT, a model train company

One of the world's most beloved presents for boys is a model train set. Here is a Korean model train manufacturer that produces exact replicas of famous trains of the world. Their miniature trains delight young children as well as long-time model train collectors. Let's enter the fascinating world of model trains with the story of MKT.

KwangJuYo, a manufacturer of traditional ceramic ware

Korea posesses a long and proud history of ceramic-making, but unfortunately the heritage of ceramic-making was on the verge of vanishing with the influx of western-style table wares. However, here is a company that inherited the secrets of traditional craft and upheld the legacy of ceramic craftsmen. KwangJuYo has become a champion of traditional ceramics by creating a line of ceramic table wares that can be used in everyday life. Let's enter the world of fine craftsmanship with the story of KwangJuYo.

Huvits, an ophthalmic equipment manufacturer in Korea

Worldwide one person loses his or her eye sight every 5 seconds. Eighty percent of them would not have to go blind, if they had a chance to receive optical diagnostic tests. Huvitz wants to increase their chances of having clear eyesight by developing and manufacturing high-quality ophthalmic equipment. Here's the story of Huvitz, the fast-rising ophthalmic equipment manufacturer in Korea.

KICA, a maker of hair straighteners

If you are a woman, you know what a hassle it is to style your hair every morning. So fast and easy-to-use hair curlers and straighteners are women's best friends. Here is a story about a Korean manufacturer of hair stylers that made it in the global market dominated by Japanese-made goods.

Medison, a manufacturer of cutting-edge ultrasound diagnostic equipment

It's every pregnant women's wish to see their babies in the womb more clearly and accurately. A Korean medical equipment manufacturer by the name of Medison developed a 3D ultrasound diagnostic machine that shows detailed pictures of the fetus. Unlike MRI or CT, which only captures still images, this 3D imaging product shows moving pictures, allowing doctors to spot problem areas more precisely. Now let's look closer into the amazing 3D world of Medison.

Daesang Chlorella, a health supplement manufacturer

It's everyone's wish to live long and healthy life. Nowadays it's common to see people taking health supplements, one of which is chlorella. Known to prevent osteoporosis, eliminate toxic substances from the body, and improve the physical constitution, chlorella is an all-natural substance that is sure to boost your overall health. Here's a Korean company by the name Daesang Chlorella that's making the top-quality chlorella supplements.

Esencia, a manufacturer of oral health care products

Every morning people wake up and brush their teeth. It's a morning ritual for almost everyone around the world. But did you know that the toothbrush you use every morning is crawling with millions of germs and bacteria, causing tooth decay and gum diseases? Here is a Korean company that manufactures toothbrush sterilizer, which gets rid of all the germs in your toothbrush using ultraviolet rays. Let's listen to their story.

Inktech, a manufacturer of commercial electronic ink products

Advances in computer brought about the subsequent development of computer peripheral devices, such as printers and modems. And one company in Korea is positioned to become the very best in one of those peripheral devices markets. A Korean company by the name of Inktech is a commercial ink manufacturer that focused on the production of refillable ink for computer printers. Let's take a look at what innovative ink products are available from this small giant.

Techsphere, a developer of biometric security system

By now people are quite familiar with biometrics recognition security system, as they have been exposed to these technologies through movies and news reports. However, most people only think of fingerprints or iris recognition system, but there is a system more accurate and reliable than conventional recognition system, and that is hand vascular pattern recongnition system. Korea's Techsphere is the world-leading firm in this technology and let's see what drove its success in the biometrics industry.

Korea Amethyst, an amethyst producer and developer

Amethyst is a gemstone beloved by almost everyone around the world. Its purple sparkle suggests of noble and elegant beauty. But the use for this gemstone does not end with decorating rings and necklaces. A Korean company found new, health-boosting effects of amethyst and applied them to a wide range of products, such as cosmetics, soaps, and wallpapers. Let's see what other brilliant ideas come from Korea Amethyst Co., a manufacturer and developer of amethyst.

Panko Corporation, a Korean apparel exporter ready to leap into the global market

Panko Corporation, a Korean apparel exporter focuses on exporting with 80% of all manufactured products being sold in Japan. Having kept its reputation in the fastidious Japanese market for the past 21 years, the firm expects to soon advance into the US and European markets as well. At present, Panko Corporation records more than 100 million dollars in total annual sales. In 1987, the company was awarded by the government for exporting more than 10 million dollars worth. In 2001, the company achieved 50 million dollars in exports. In 1992 and 2002, the company was rewarded the Tin Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit. In 2003, Panko Corporation won a prize awarded by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy to the top exporter of textiles and apparel of the year.

Intarsia, a manufacturer of socks and other apparels

Everyone owns a number of socks, but no one really thinks deeply into what those socks can do for you. Here is Intarsia, a Korean socks and underwear company, that makes socks that do more than warm up your feet. Using the most advanced technology, Intarsia makes socks that enhances your health. Try on the Intarsia socks and personally experience the amazing power of simple socks. Everyone owns a number of socks, but no one really thinks deeply into what those socks can do for you. Here is Intarsia, a Korean socks and underwear company, that makes socks that do more than warm up your feet. Using the most advanced technology, Intarsia makes socks that enhances your health. Try on the Intarsia socks and personally experience the amazing power of simple socks.

Satrec-I, a developer of satellite systems

People often think that advanced nations like the U.S. and the U.K. are the only nations that own satellite development and manufacturing technology. However, there is a Korean company that is a leader in the small satellite industry. Satrec-I is the only Korean company that can manufacture small-grade satellites without any technological or production assistance from advanced nations. Let's get to know this small giant in the satellite research industry.

Inca Solution, a manufacturer of energy-saving devices

In today world with skyrocketing oil prices and the ever-present threats of environmental calamities, it is important to save energy in any way we can. This week I introduce a company that does its part in conserving energy by manufacturing energy-saving devices for household appliances and computers. The company is called Inca Solution, and it certainly provides solutions to cut down on the amount of energy wasted from standby power and idle machines.

Ecco Watch Inc.

Watches and clocks are now an indispensable part in the life of modern people. Stainless steel is the material of choice for wristwatches, but here is a Korean company that came up with an innovative idea of using ceramic for wristwatches. Meet Ecco Watch Inc., a Korean watchmaker that manufactures porcelain-based watches with fashionable appearance and precise function. Watches and clocks from Ecco Watch are no longer just accessories, but triumphes in advanced ceramic technology.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction

Water is indispensable for human survival, but serious environmental pollution is diminishing the availability of fresh drinking water and it is projected that the entire world will be suffering from water shortage in the near future. In light of such dire prediction, it is quite encouraging to hear about a company that successfully turns seawater into freshwater. That company is none other than Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction of Korea. Let's hear their amazing story of turning salty seawater into pure drinking water.

Kaon Media, a developer and manufacturer of digital media equipment

TV broadcasting is one of those areas undergoing transformations in light speed. It is no surprise that consumers find it hard to keep up with the change, but here is a Korean company that makes the dizzying pace of transformation a bit easier to bear. Kaon Media develops and manufactures digital convergence devices, which enables TV viewers to receive broadcasting signals transmitted in any form - satellite or terrestrial. So lean back and enjoy your favorite program with Kaon Media products.

Baiksan OPC, a developer of drums for printer cartridges

The demand for printer and copier cartridges is soaring as the number of their users mount all over the world. Here is a Korean company that manufactures the aluminum drum, a key component of cartridge. Armed with top-rated technology, Baiksan OPC overcame the initial hardship and now stands tall as the world's leading drum manufacturer. Let's see how this small company was able to make it in the fiercely competitive OPC drum market.

Samkyung Hitech developed unmanned postal service systems

What is the most frustrating thing about going to the post office? Cranky postal workers? Long lines? Short business hours? Well, here is a self-service postal service system that eliminates all the hassles of mailing letters and packages. Samkyung Hitech developed unmanned postal service systems that allow customers to handle their own mailing with ease. Let's hear how simple it has become to mail letters and parcels.

Soyea, manufacturer of toys and infant goods

It's only natural for mothers to get the very best for their babies. That maternal tendency comes into play when selecting a stroller and here's a brand that's delighting the mothers all over the world. Environmentally friendly, safe, and nice-looking, Capella strollers manufactured by a Korean company by the name of Soyea are earning rave customer responses from mothers wanting only the best for their babies. The success of Soyea did not come easy and here's its story.

Mr. Pizza, one of Korean people’s favorite pizza makers

Pizza has become a global favorite and Koreans are no exception. There is, however, one drawback to the rich taste of cheesy, golden-crusted pizza and that is sky-high calories. Korean women, like other women around the world, are watching their weight and one Korean pizza maker has set out to solve the problem. Mr. Pizza introduced a pizza made especially for ladies. Let's hear how Mr. Pizza is satisfying both the palates and the weight-watching worries of Korean women.

Atlas BX, an automobile battery developer

People don't usually pay that much attention to automobile batteries until their cars refuse to start because they let the batteries run out. These days batteries to more than just help start the car. The car stereo, GPS navigation system, and even the mobile phone recharger all depend on the car battery. Here's a Korean company called AtlasBX that is an undisputed leader in automobile battery business. Let's hear what kind of up-to-date batteries are being developed by Atlas BX to make our cars last longer and our lives easier.