Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dangsado Island

The original destination of my tour was Soando Island. Then I saw Dangsado Island to the southwest of Soando Island. It is the island where the movie "Longing to visit the island" was filmed. Suddenly, a strong desire surged up in my heart, making me rush to the island. I hurried to the port at Soando Island. A passenger boat sailed into the port. It was a little boat that can carry no more than forty passengers. The sailing course from Soando Island to Dangsado Island takes about twenty minutes and is very romantic. It is very impressive to observe the local sights: "Songsiyeol-geulsswinbawi (the rock with scholar Song Siyeol's inscription)" at the eastern tip of Bogildo Island, a laver farm on the sea in front of Yejakdo Island and Bogildo Island, and other sparkling laver farm fields decorating the sea near the uninhabitable small islet, Boksaengdo.

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